Inspire a whole new world of unexpected flavor with one simple squeeze

As diners look for more culinary excitement, our authentic pepper pastes make it easy to create the adventurous dishes they crave. Use them across your menu to add more flavor to everything from soups, stews and sauces to salsas, dressings and marinades. You can even add them to desserts and cocktails for some extra bold fun.

Comes ready-to-use to save on prep time and labor costs

Inspired by our heritage of authentic Mexican flavors

Offers consistent flavor and heat level

Made with dried chiles and simple ingredients

Can be used in lots of applications, like hundreds of them

Ideal for soups & stews, sauces & salsas, marinades & dressings, cocktails & desserts

Get a glimpse of our bold pepper paste flavor in action
See what makes our pepper pastes so distinctly delicious

Ancho peppers have a distinct taste that can’t be duplicated by any other ingredient. We couple them with Pasilla peppers to give you a rich, complex flavor with hints of dark chocolate and dried fruit.

Guajillo peppers are one of the most common ingredients used in Mexican cuisine. We add simple spices to push all that deliciousness even further, giving you a balanced, slightly sweet flavor with hints of berries.

This delicious combination results in the perfect balance of smoke and heat. A fiery, bold taste that’s unique to Mexican cuisine, but can be used in any dish that needs more adventurous flavor.

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