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Get Ready to Salsa Like Never Before

Delicious and full of bold complexity, there’s nothing quite like our new HERDEZ® Quemada Charred Salsas. Perfectly charred tomatoes, tomatillos and peppers are blended to create a house-made flavor and texture that turns the simple into sophisticated.

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Born from Flame. Charred to Perfection.

jug of Salsa Roja on a bed of charred veggies
Salsa Roja in a bowl on top of charred veggies

Salsa Roja

A flavorful blend of charred tomato, poblano and jalapeño with the added complexity of ancho and guajillo peppers.

Salsa Poblano

A bold blend of charred tomato, tomatillo and poblano along with hints of Chile de Arbol.

jug of Salsa Poblano on a bed of charred veggies
Salsa Poblano in a bowl on a bed of charred veggies
jug of Salsa Chipotle on a bed of charred veggies
Salsa Chipotle in a bowl on a bed of charred veggies

Salsa Chipotle

Deeply charred tomatoes coupled with chipotle, poblano and ancho peppers deliver the perfect combination of smoke and heat.

Salsa Verde

Unique blend of charred tomatillo, tomato and poblano give this rich salsa a balanced and complex flavor profile.

jug of Salsa Verde on a bed of charred veggies
Salsa Verde in a bowl on a bed of charred veggies

Flavor you can see. Char you can taste.


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The catch of the day becomes the dish of the year with distinctly bold, smoky Salsa Chipotle.

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Menu a new take on a traditional dish using roasted tomatillos and tangy, mild Salsa Verde.

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Give this basic starter a bold finish with the medium heat of Salsa Chipotle.

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A Mexican classic is given fresh life with the mild, tangy Salsa Poblano.

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This street food favorite requires table manners when completed with rich Salsa Roja.

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Sweet, spicy moments of palatable joy are balanced out by hot and smoky Salsa Chipotle.

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