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Chicken Torta

Ancho & Pasilla Marinated Chicken Torta

With TRES COCINAS™ Ancho & Pasilla Authentic Pepper Paste, you can create a marinade that turns a simple chicken breast into a flavor adventure. Top with WHOLLY® AVOCADO Chunky Avocado.

Ancho & Pasilla Roasted Vegetbale Salsa overhead in bowl

Ancho & Pasilla Roasted Vegetable Salsa

Enhance a simple roasted salsa by adding TRES COCINAS™ Ancho & Pasilla Authentic Pepper Paste. Serve with chips as a dipping salsa or use as a topping on grilled seafood, chicken or steak.

Avocado and Potato Tacos on plate

Avocado & Potato Tacos

Plant-based tacos that everyone will love. Grilled queso shells filled with WHOLLY® AVOCADO Diced Avocado and crispy patatas bravas-style potatoes made with LA VICTORIA® Traditional Red Enchilada sauce and TRES COCINAS™ Ancho & Pasilla Authentic Pepper Paste. Topped with queso fresco, cilantro and pickled red onion.

Avocado and Smoked Chicken Eggrolls on plate

Avocado & Smoked Chicken Egg Roll with Verde Queso Dip

A flavorful blend of smoked chicken, corn and WHOLLY® AVOCADO Diced Avocado wrapped in a crispy wrapper. Accompanied by a Queso Verde Dip made with cheese, Mexican beer and LA VICTORIA® Roasted Salsa Verde.

Avocado Oscar on plate

Avocado Oscar

Create the ultimate “Surf & Turf” by topping a grilled beef filet mignon with buttery WHOLLY® AVOCADO Diced Avocado and Alaskan King crab. Finished with a drizzle of Chipotle-Lime Hollandaise Sauce made with TRES COCINAS™ Chipotle with Adobo Authentic Pepper Paste.

avocado _smoothie_bowl

Avocado Smoothie Bowl

Healthful WHOLLY® 100% Avocado makes the perfect base for an energy-packed smoothie bowl when blended with spinach, pineapple, mango and coconut water and topped with fresh blueberries, pineapple, bananas, kiwi and coconut.


Avocado Toast

The trendy favorite always starts with WHOLLY® Hand-Scooped Avocado, then includes toppings like jalapeños and black beans, roasted corn and cojito cheese, microgreens and feta cheese or bacon and tomato.

Avotots on dish


A twist on loaded tater tots. Crunchy tater tots topped with WHOLLY® AVOCADO Diced Avocado, gorgonzola crumbles, diced tomatoes, scallions and cilantro, drizzled with an Ancho-Pasilla Lime crema made with TRES COCINAS™ Ancho & Pasilla Authentic Pepper Paste.


Bean & Cheese Burrito

DON MIGUEL® burritos filled with beans and melty cheese wrapped by hand and served with LA VICTORIA® Thick’N Chunky salsa and WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE Southwest Guacamole.