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  • Hot or Not?

    Hot or Not?

    When it comes to the latest food trends, you see the word “bold” everywhere. But what does it actually mean in terms of the flavors consumers are craving? Hot? Spicy? Or something different altogether? We looked into this flavorful descriptor to get a better sense of what bold means for you and your menu.

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  • Science, Psychology or Something Else?

    Science, Psychology or Something Else?

    Comfort food has become a big topic in the food industry. Everything from bold twists on traditional dishes to the rising popularity of old school supper clubs and retro cocktails. What is it about these comforting nostalgic foods that draw people in? It started with the pandemic, but what does the ongoing popularity mean for you and your menu? We set out to better understand the allure of all things starchy, fatty and wonderfully delicious.

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