It’s Mole Time

How can a dish that’s been around for hundreds of years be hitting its culinary peak right now?

bold flavors

In a word, magic. Or as we like to think, the perfectly magical combination of storied history, one-of-a-kind flavor, and the endless ability to surprise and delight.

Before we dive into what makes mole so appealing to diners and how it’s traditional flavor is modernizing menus, let’s start with the basics.

Mole, pronounced [moh-ley], is a well-loved sauce used in traditional Mexican cooking. Its flavor is deliciously distinct, yet varies depending on the region it comes from.

What’s exciting to us is how a dish that’s been around for hundreds of years is hitting its peak in the U.S. right now. Why? Let’s dig into why mole could be the next big, bold flavor to spice up your menu.

44% of consumers are more likely to buy sauces with global ingredients and innovative flavor.

Diners are seeking adventure.

Especially Gen Z. They want new and adventurous dining experiences, with 51% stating they will try a new food just because it sounds exciting.1 Mole’s exciting story starts way back in the 1600s and it’s full of talk-worthy lore. From its place of birth to the range of ingredients and preparation techniques that claim to be “the real way to mole”, everything about it is widely debated. 

What‘s not up for debate is the fact that mole is one of the most sought-after and beloved Mexican dishes2 and that 44% of consumers are more likely to buy sauces with global ingredients and innovative flavor.1

The only way to describe it is to taste it.

Mole is considered one of the best expressions of traditional Mexican gastronomy, if not its pinnacle.2 True mole aficionados will tell you two things are required to qualify as authentic mole. A complex combination of authentic Mexican ingredients and, of course, time. Like hours and hours and hours of time.

The result is a flavor profile so deep and rich, so complex and unique, that it simply needs to be tasted to be understood. (Hint: you can request your very own taste test by going here.)

mole roasted pork loin on a white plate with a side of rice

Tradition made for modernizing.
mole chicken wings in a bowl with lime wedges on the side
an overhead shot of mole chilaquiles
a tray of churros with mole mocha sauce

We think the greatest thing about mole throughout its long and storied existence has been its flexibility. It’s willingness to go anywhere and find new ways to thrill taste buds. Which is what makes it so perfect for modern applications. 

It is completely comfortable stealing the show as a main dish. It’s happy to entice more than its share of orders as a sauce. It confirms authenticity in Mexican dishes and inspires creativity in global fusion. It commands the attention of foodie social users everywhere by spicing up cocktails, invigorating dressings, and adding savory depth and mysterious play to desserts. 

Yes, mole is finally having its day in the U.S. And it’s gaining traction with a greater than 5% increase on core menus in the past year.3

mole veggie flatbread on a tray next to a container of Dona Maria mole rojo

How we can help.

The best traditions are the ones that provide a variety of ways to a successful future. That’s the magic of mole. And there’s no better time than the present to get some on your menu and in your kitchen.

If you want to taste an authentic mole made in Mexico from a generations-old family recipe, we can certainly help with that. We put in the hours of time so you can taste it in minutes.

Want to add more authentic Mexican flavor to your menu? Partner with us and we can help make it a little easier. All MegaMex Foods ingredients are thoughtfully crafted to save you time and labor without sacrificing quality.

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