It’s Mole Time

How can a dish that’s been around for hundreds of years be hitting its culinary peak right now? Let’s dig into why mole could be the next big, bold flavor to spice up your menu.

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3 Things To Love About Hispanic Heritage Month

Diners are always looking for reasons to get together and try new dishes. What better way to draw them in than by celebrating the contributions Hispanic and Latino Americans have made on some of our favorite cuisines?

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What’s Next for Birria?

Named one of the fastest-growing food trends of 2020, birria is a foodie favorite heading toward mainstream popularity. It’s most commonly associated with tacos, stews and consommés, but its uses are only getting more deliciously diverse. So, what’s next for this new Mexican flavor mainstay? Now’s the time to see where it could take your menu.

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Sweeten Your Profitability with Simple Desserts

No matter what, desserts will always be on trend. Coveted menu staples that offer comfort to diners and operators alike. For dessert lovers, they can feed the need for a little indulgence. For you, they can increase check size, making them the perfect way to add to your bottom line. If you want to sweeten your menu, here’s what you need to know.

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Trending Menu Ideas: Birria

Birria tacos and quesa birria became one of the fastest-growing food trends in 2020, with a predicted two-year menu penetration growth of +92% according to Technomic.

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How To Use Peppers Across Your Menu

Ancho, pasilla, guajillo, and chipotle peppers can take your menus to bold new places. The craveability of these peppers can transform dishes across menus and cuisines.

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Avocado Prep Doesn’t Have to Be the Pits

Avocados have certainly found their fame in recent years. From avocado toast to using avocados as a base for smoothies, salads, breakfast dishes, sandwiches, avocados are definitely having their moment!

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