Tex-Mex vs Mexican: What is the difference?

We get this question a lot and it’s a tricky one to answer. In part because there is no singular way to define Mexican food. The country itself is huge — the 13th largest in the world — with several distinct regions, cultures and cuisines that could all be classified as Mexican.

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Our 15 Minutes of Hot Sauce Fame

Authenticity is at the heart of every Mexican flavor we create. But just saying that isn’t nearly as compelling as seeing our products appear in a popular Netflix show. Yes, our very own HERDEZ® Avocado Hot Sauce was in three episodes of the latest season of Taco Chronicles. And we are thrilled to see it being used by some of our favorite Mexican chefs.

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What’s Next for Birria?

Named one of the fastest-growing food trends of 2020, birria is a foodie favorite heading toward mainstream popularity. It’s most commonly associated with tacos, stews and consommés, but its uses are only getting more deliciously diverse. So, what’s next for this new Mexican flavor mainstay? Now’s the time to see where it could take your menu.

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Mini and Your Menu

America’s interest in mini foods has grown considerably over the past decade1. Everything from pintsize versions of menu mainstays (think sliders and mini tacos) to smaller plates and portion sizes to tiny kitchens cooking tiny foods on Instagram and TikTok. Why is small becoming such a big deal? We dug into this trend to better understand what it means. For you and your menu.

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Capturing the Hottest Global Food Trend is Easier Than Ever

It comes as no surprise that the National Restaurant Association has named global flavors one of the industry’s biggest trends in its What’s Hot 2022 Culinary Forecast. The report notes ethnic foods typically score highly each year. One of the biggest reasons for ethnic food’s long-lasting popularity is the global mindset of millennial and Gen Z diners, who are now a core demographic for restaurants.

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Sweeten Your Profitability with Simple Desserts

No matter what, desserts will always be on trend. Coveted menu staples that offer comfort to diners and operators alike. For dessert lovers, they can feed the need for a little indulgence. For you, they can increase check size, making them the perfect way to add to your bottom line. If you want to sweeten your menu, here’s what you need to know.

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Making the Most of Mexican Pizza Mania

There’s been a recent craze over Mexican pizza. A dish that isn’t necessarily new but is being rediscovered, and let’s just say that love is real. So real, in fact, now is the time to cash in on its popularity. Yes, Mexican pizzas can be quite a profitable addition while still leaving room for all kinds of creativity. Let’s talk about the hype and what Mexican Pizza can do for you and your menu.

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Avocado Prep Doesn’t Have to Be the Pits

Avocados have certainly found their fame in recent years. From avocado toast to using avocados as a base for smoothies, salads, breakfast dishes, sandwiches, avocados are definitely having their moment!

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